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These are instruction videos on how to put a plant into a hanger and how to keep them from tangling.  Then the middle two are about the difference between book design bottoms and my design bottom.  Book designs are those that are made using patterns from the 1970s books.  My designs are my own patterns.  Generally I will either sleep on what I am wanting to create or a thought just pops into my brain. One of the bottom ones will explain, briefly, why I like to use clay pots instead of glazed ceramic or plastic pots.  The last one shows you, briefly, how I make my pieces.

Note:  After videos, the option to view my other videos is available.  I cannot find how to turn this feature off so be patient with me...or have fun viewing my videos.

How to insert a pot into a plant hanger.
How not to tangle macrame plant hangers.
A gathered bottom.
Knotted bottom
Why use clay pots
How I make my hangers
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