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Welcome to Ah, Macrame!

The first picture in the Gallery is the front of my house showing the different hangers i have for decoration.  Three of them are hanging from the eave and the rest are from the tree.

Here is the list of pictures:
1.)    The front of my house (oh, by the way, the ceramic mural is one of my productions.)
2.)    6 ply jute holding a 12" clay pot with a saucer.  This piece has been around for about 6 years.  Even though it has been under the eave and under a tree, it still has to endure the heat, wind and rain for the Arizona Desert.
3.)    2 mm poly holding a 12" clay pot with a saucer.  I wanted to show that even though people think 2 mm poly is very small, it can still hold the weight of a 12" pot.
4.)    Clothesline (was hand dyed but since faded from being outside) holding a 12" clay pot with a saucer.
Each of these 3 hangers and one other are using saucers because I wanted to make sure their roots were taken care of during our hot summer months that generally begin in March.
5.)    Clothesline holding an 8" pot with saucer.
6.)    A 2 mm poly hanger that holds two 6" pots.  Now this one probably won't handle clay saucers but being outside the pots don't really need them.  At this time the pots are the plastic kind that have saucers attached.  I really don't like them because you don't know how much water the saucer can hold.
7.)    4 mm poly hanger that is holding a 6" pot.  At this time it is a plastic pot that had a Petunia in it.  Too bad it didn't live longer in 105 degree heat.
8.)    6 ply jute holding an 8" pot with saucer.  This spider plant was grown as a baby from one of the plants in the front yard.
9.)    4 mm poly holding a 6" pot with a saucer.
10.)  A cotton/poly blend that I hand dyed.  Seeing how it is this type of material, it is meant to be out of the heat.
Each of my plant hangers are made with a special feature that allows you to use the hanger in an outdoor setting without a saucer.  Where most hangers will have a gathering of cord, I have a hole where the water will flow freely through the piece.  This element keeps the bottom of the hanger from falling apart over time, which could result in the loss of your pot/plant.  The reason I made these hangers this way and a short video is presented in the Instruction link.

All of my plant hangers are made in Tucson AZ of the U. S. of A.  I stake my life on the quality of my art.
©2020 Jay Harman  
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