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Tiles are hand rolled, hand glazed and fired twice. This double firing makes sure the clay has cured all the way so it is heat and cold resistant. They will not fade or peel in full sunlight and they are hot and cold resistant also.

A few possible uses for 4" tiles: Trivets - pan and dish hotpad; Coasters for drinks - hot or cold (for these two items you can attach a piece of cork to the back to prevent scratches. Use an easel to display on a table. Or the most common useage would be to mount them on a wall as part of a mosaic or just as it's own piece.

Each 4" tile is almost 4" but due to clay shrinkage they might be a little smaller.

This includes Murals.

All tiles are handmade in Tucson AZ USA)
This mural is a product of loving dolphins. This mural was researched to see what acient Greece had as wall art.

It measures 16" H x 35" L and has 28 tiles total.
$ 140.00
©2021 Sharon Otstot
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