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Even at an early age I appreciated beautiful things. At age 2 I would pick the neighbor's flowers and give her a bouquet. She had to teach me not to pick the blossom at the flower, but to pick it at the end of the stem. But she never scolded me for picking her flowers.
Now when I select materials for a project, my flowers so to speak, I consider their color and textures, whether it is cloth for a quilt or a garment, fiber for a coiled basket or a knotted tapestry, or underglazes and clay combinations for a ceramic project. I guess it is in my genes, passed down from my Grandma Este whom I never had the chance to meet. Her daughter, my Aunt Dot, and my dad, and many other family members all had the inheritance of Este's artistic talent. How lucky I am!
©2021 Sharon Otstot
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