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The Cholla Branch Wall/Plant Hanger
Some years ago I was commissoned to create a wall hanging plant hanger.  I went out into the "desert" (actually a store had them) and got a piece of cholla for the main bar to attatch to.  I also made created a pot to go with it.  But it was only a 4" pot.
commission hanger
The 100 year old Glass Float
This wasn't really commissioned work because I already had the hanger completed.  It just fit in with what she was looking for.

Mrs. Erickson had a 100 year old glass fishing float and was looking for something to hang it up with.  Having been to the Reid Park Craft/Art Fair (Black Friday Weekend).  She found one of my hand-dyed cotton hangers.  The piece was large enough to hold the orb that was about 12" in diameter.  She was very happy and hence sent me pictures of it in her living room.

A Hanger By Chance
This story came about when one customer saw another person buying just what he was looking for, except for color.  I was commissioned to change the color of the 4 mm poly cord and reproduce the piece he wanted.  It makes me feel really good that people like my art.

Herbs Galore!
There once was someone that wanted to have many small herbs in their kitchen.  They told me what they were looking for and I asked how long it needed to be.  I also needed to know just how many pots would be required and what size as well.  This piece came out very nicely.  There are three 4" pots one this one hanger.
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